We send the right referral to the right agent at the right time.

Pay no upfront fees to join our network

Joining the Opcity Referral Network is free of charge to all brokers. We will collect information about your agents that our proprietary software will use to find the right agent for the right referral at the right time. No more spending precious dollars on junk leads. No more chasing after cold prospects. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you. 

get matched to buyer and seller referrals

Our proprietary software matches each referral to the right agent at the right time by sending out alerts only to those agents that are a good fit for the client's needs. The first available agent to click on the referral alert will have the opportunity to learn more about the client and be connected with them directly, increasing the likelihood of a successful relationship. 


Unlike most referral services, we do not charge any sign-on or annual fees to receive new referrals. Instead, all we ask is that the agent pays the standard referral fee at closing similar to any other real estate transaction.