Focus on growing your business, not screening online mortgage leads. As the #1 purchaser of internet real estate leads in the United States, Opcity speaks to hundreds of qualified borrowers every day and screens them for intent to buy—so our lender partners only speak with prospects are who are actually interested in more information on the mortgage loan process.

Receive live transfers to borrowers who meet your referral criteria within minutes after their initial inquiry.

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Motivated Home Buyers

Did You Know?



If an online lead is not contacted within 5 minutes, the probability of closing drops by 400%.



Companies take 42 hours on average to respond to online inquiries.



78% of prospects work with the first person who reaches out to them.



72% of online leads are never called.

The Opcity Difference

Opcity contacts mortgage leads faster and more often than any other lead generation solution in the market. Our team of 400 inside sales reps dial from 7am to 11pm, 365 days a year. We beat the competition so our lender partners can win the business.

We connect consumers to loan officers before we transfer them to an agent to ensure everyone has the correct expectations. We have found this leads to a higher chance of success.

When we transfer a potential borrower to a loan officer in our network, we also send the borrower's information over in real-time so the loan officer can begin marketing themselves right away. Opcity is more than just your lead generation company or your sales team—we’re a trusted technology partner for mortgage lenders.

We transfer you to the borrower early on in their home buying journey, putting you in the position to be their trusted advisor throughout the home loan process and helping you build relationships that will lead to future referral business for your mortgage company. We also provide a warm introduction to the Opcity agent on the account, expanding your professional network.

Home buyer leads that are screened by Opcity and delivered to agents in our network close at a rate that's 3-5x higher than the industry average. This results in more consumers reaching the closing table, and more loan origination opportunities.

Manage your connections to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Our lender portal provides insights and analytics into how your agent and consumer connections are performing, and how they're progressing through the sales cycle. 

We all want the same thing: more closes! Opcity’s process is designed to better serve the consumer and guide them through the home buying process, so they talk to the right real estate professionals at the right time.

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Types of Mortgage Leads Provided:


  • Conventional Buyer Leads

  • VA Mortgage Loans

  • Refinance


All mortgage leads provided by Opcity are prescreened by our trained inside sales team to ensure we only transfer you to serious home buyers who are actually interested in obtaining a mortgage loan.

What Our Mortgage Partners Say


How Our Live Transfers Work for Loan Officers

  1. When we have a motivated home buyer on the phone who is ready to be prequalified for a mortgage, we'll offer to connect them with a trusted network loan officer who matches their needs. You'll receive a real-time SMS alerting you that a new referral is available. Click to indicate you would like to speak with this lead about their financing options.
  2. An Opcity rep will call you within seconds to share details about the prospective borrower before connecting you via a three-way phone call.
  3. Once we've introduced you, Opcity will exit the call. After 10 minutes, we'll call the client back and live transfer them to a compatible real estate agent within our network.
  4. We'll then provide you with a warm introduction to the agent so you can begin collaborating on behalf of the client. This enables you to market yourself right away and secure a spot not only on this contract, but on many future deals.

Not available? No problem! If you are unable to speak right away, we will send you an email with the referral’s basic information attached. Reach out to them as soon as possible to answer their mortgage loan questions.

Opcity has developed a proven formula for converting online leads, and it starts with getting consumers and real estate professionals on the phone at the same time.

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