Get connected to high-quality mortgage leads at the right time.

Stop competing for the same bottom-of-the-barrel homebuyer leads. Join the Opcity network and get direct connections to motivated borrowers who fit your criteria and are eager to work with you.

Opcity delivers prescreened mortgage leads to lenders via live phone transfer. Every lead we provide is vetted for intent to buy, so you only speak to consumers who are serious about getting prequalified for a mortgage loan. And we only introduce you to buyers who match your location and preferences, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time with leads who aren’t a good fit.

When it comes to winning new business, timing is everything. Research shows that 78% of buyers work with the first person they talk to. Opcity calls leads within seconds of their online inquiry and then connects them to a lender in real time, getting you in with the buyer at the right time.

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Secure future business with top agents in your market.

We also provide a warm introduction to the real estate agent on the lead’s account, giving you the perfect opportunity to market yourself and build relationships that will drive repeat business.

Agents go through a rigorous screening process to join the Opcity network, so our lender partners know they’ll always be connected to the highest quality industry professionals.

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Easily manage all your connections.

Opcity provides lenders with valuable introductionsbut we don’t stop there. We also provide the tools to track your leads as they progress through the pipeline and stay up-to-speed with your agent connections. Opcity agents are required to update the status on their leads once a week, so you’re always in the loop.

The Opcity Difference

Buy mortgage leads from Opcity and exceed your loan volume goals.

Opcity is the #1 purchaser of online real estate leads in the U.S. We buy mortgage leads from 200+ reputable sources across the web.

Opcity takes the time and hassle out of online mortgage lead generationmaking the initial phone call. We filter the leads for you, so you only speak with consumers who are ready to start their home journey and are actually interested in more information on the loan process.

The majority of buyers work with the first person who reaches out to them, and Opcity’s proven process gets you on the line with borrowers before the competition. Our highly-trained team calls leads within an average of four seconds of their online inquiry, screens them, and live-connects them to a loan officer in our network via three-way phone transfer. This warm introduction allows you to establish yourself as a trusted expert from the get-go and ensure your leads will remain committed to working with you throughout the homebuying process.

Opcity has cracked the code for online lead conversion. We match each lead with the agent most likely to close that specific consumer, and provide the tools agents need to manage their leads from introduction to close. As a result, agents close leads received from Opcity at a rate 3-5x higher than industry average.

We connect you directly to top real estate agents in your area via email and text, providing you with a winning strategy for expanding your agent network and building relationships that will benefit you for years to come.

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