More than just one transaction at a time

Opcity delivers high-quality mortgage leads in real time via a live-transfer and provides loan officers with warm introductions to active real estate agents in our network.

The leads we generate and deliver to our agents convert at a 3-5x higher rate than the industry average, so you get access to more home loans.

We take the time and hassle out of online mortgage lead conversion so you only speak with motivated buyers who are ready to become prequalified for a mortgage and start their home journey.

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Skip the networking events. Meet active agents in your area.

Opcity introduces you directly to top producing real estate agents in your area, helping you get past the gatekeeper and grow a sphere of influence that will lead to many future loans.

Fill Your Pipeline

Fill your sales pipeline with prescreened mortgage leads

A predictable monthly lead flow allows you to diversify referral sources, build robust borrower pipelines, and smooth out loan volume month to month.

Opcity handles the time consuming part of converting online mortgage leads—making the initial phone call. We screen out the looky-loos so our lender partners can focus on speaking to serious customers who are actually interested in more information on the loan process.

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Drive revenue. Close more loans.

Use Opcity to attract more loan applications and manage your mortgage leads from introduction to close. Opcity is more than just a lead generation service. Our platform is designed for conversion, and we have the closing ratios to prove it. We provide the tools and processes to be successful and win the business. If you can work a system, you can be successful with Opcity.

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Measure performance and return on investment

Opcity's lender portal makes it easy to track your progress with each referral and stay on top of your agent connections. See where your prospects are in the buying cycle, monitor the activity of other real estate professionals on the account, and view insights and analytics to improve performance.

What Clients Say

How Opcity Works

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Buy Mortgage Leads

Opcity is the #1 buyer of real estate leads in the country. We purchase millions of leads from around the web, taking on the upfront cost and risk of buying leads



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Provide Introductions

We live transfer you to vetted homebuyers who are ready to speak with a mortgage lender, and personally introduce you to top realtors in your area so you can get in on future closings. Spend time working with targeted, high quality prospects versus wasting sales efforts on consumers who have not been verified or aren't a good fit.

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Screen for Quality

We call consumers within seconds of online inquiry, making sure we beat out the competition. If a client meets our criteria and is not prequalified for a mortgage loan, we connect them directly to a loan officer via a three-way phone call. Our team calls from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We’re always on so you don’t have to be!

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Close Deals

Show your value instead of selling it by marketing yourself immediately to clients and active real estate professionals to get more closes and generate future business.

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