We offer two services for brokers:

Opcity Referrals

Our Leads, Referred to Matched Agents

  • We take on the upfront risk of buying & screening online leads
  • We live-connect your agents to ready buyers and sellers and continually monitor their progress toward a close
  • Brokers only pay referral fees on closed transactions

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Broker Lead Accelerator

Your Leads, Screened & Optimized

  • We take care of inside sales & performance management for your brokerage
  • We screen your leads for you, assign them to your agents, and provide a proven system for driving more closings
  • Brokers pay a fee per lead and a reduced referral fee on closed transactions

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Ready to increase your close rate by 3-5x?

Opcity Referrals

Let us sort through the haystack of online leads for you. Our system is designed to maximize efficiency, automate agent accountability, and increase your close rates.

Speed to Lead

Speed to Lead

Most clients go with the first agent to contact them. Opcity dials 7 days a week and gets leads on the line within 60 seconds of inquiry.

Screening icon

Expert Screening

Our trained reps screen out looky-loos and gather key information about budget, timeline, desired location, and more.

Agent Matching Icon1

Smart Agent Matching

Our proprietary matching algorithm predicts which agent is most likely to close the deal, based on 17 years of transaction data.

Live Phone Transfers Icon

Real-Time Mobile Dispatch

Agents get lead alerts in real time. The first to click “Claim” wins, and is instantly connected to the referral via live phone transfer.

Real-Time Mobile Dispatch Icon

Built-in Accountability

We monitor referrals to ensure they’re moving toward a close. If progress stalls, our pipeline team reaches out to troubleshoot.

Ongoing Monitoring Icon

Performance Dashboard

Your Opcity Broker Portal lets you view your pipeline in real time and gives you detailed insights down to the individual agent level.


We convert online real estate inquiries into closes at 3-5x the industry average.

Broker Lead Accelerator

Let Opcity do the heavy lifting of screening your brokerage’s online leads so your agents only speak to ready home buyers and sellers.

Instant Response Icon2

Instant Response

Opcity’s inside sales team calls new leads in under 1 minute of inquiry. We’re on from 7am-11pm, 365 days/year, so you don’t have to be.

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Rigorous Follow Up

We make up to 26 attempts to contact a lead over a multi-month campaign to make sure no one slips through the cracks.

Qualified Opportunities Icon

Qualified Opportunities

We pre-screen your leads, filter out the tire-kickers, and connect only the motivated buyers & sellers to your agents via live three-way call.

Smart Lead Assignment Icon

Smart Lead Assignment

Our matching algorithm assigns each screened lead to the agent in your brokerage who is most likely to close the deal.

True Agent Accountability Icon

True Agent Accountability

We make sure your agents are progressing every active lead through the pipeline, and give you a dashboard for real-time insights.

No Lost Leads Icon1

No Lost Leads

If an agent isn’t actively working a lead, we reassign the client to another agent in your brokerage, maximizing your online lead ROI.

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