We've cracked online lead ROI.

Convert leads up to five times the industry average with Opcity.


Speed to Lead: Opcity responds to inquiries, on average, in 4 seconds. Our trained call-center staff dials from 7 AM to 11 PM, 7 days a week. Since most clients go with the first agent to contact them, this gives you a significant advantage.


Screening: Our reps screen out looky-loos and define a client’s home search criteria and any special needs. Our referrals are serious about buying a home in your coverage area and are ready to make an appointment.


Agent Matching:  We use a proprietary matching algorithm is based on 17 years of transaction data to predict which agent is most likely to close the deal.


Live Phone Transfers:  Every client is personally introduced to their matched agent in a live phone transfer.


Real Time Mobile Dispatch:  Referrals are sent in real time through our SMS dispatch platform and our mobile app. The first agent to click the text wins the lead.