We've cracked online lead ROI.

Join Opcity's Broker Network to increase your close rate by up to five times the industry average.

Speed to Lead

Speed to Lead: Opcity responds to online real estate leads within 4 seconds of inquiry, on average. Our trained call center staff dials from 7 AM to 11 PM, seven days a week. This provides a significant advantage for the brokers in our network, since the vast majority of clients go with the first real estate agent to contact them.


Expert Screening: Our reps screen out looky-loos and define a client’s property criteria and any special needs before connecting them to a realtor in our network. This proven process ensures we only provide you with clients who are serious about buying or selling a home in your market and are ready to work with your brokerage.

Data-Driven Agent Matching

Data-Driven Matching: Our proprietary matching algorithm leverages 17 years of transaction data to predict which network agent is best suited to work a specific client and most likely to close the deal. This delivers massive value to our broker partners, whose online lead conversion rates are 3-5x higher than the industry average.

Real-Time Mobile Dispatch

Real-Time Mobile Dispatch: We provide your agents with real-time referral alerts, which they can choose to receive via text message or push notification . Referral alerts are delivered to agents in real time via text message and our mobile app. The first agent to click the text wins the lead.

Live-Transfer Real Estate Leads

Live-Transfer Connections: We personally introduce home buyers and sellers to their matched agents via live three-way phone call.