Online Leads are a Numbers Game: How Bob Bailey Closed 14 Deals in 11 Months Using Opcity

Posted by Caitlin Vaccaro on November, 19 2018

Bob Bailey has been using Opcity since September 2017. Since then, he has closed 14 deals from Opcity introductions, and has four more currently under contract.

With these kind of stats, it’s no surprise that Bob was Opcity’s top closer by number of transactions in October 2018. We had to learn his secret.

“It’s no secret really. I’ve been in real estate for just over a year, and I still feel like a rookie in this business. All I know how to do is keep working every day. My wife’s a realtor too, so we just keep plugging away everyday. We just work hard, there’s no secret sauce,” said Bob.

After gathering data on the 45,000 agents who use Opcity and speaking with agents all day every day, we start to see patterns that emerge between our top performers.  

Hard work is a common theme we hear from agents who are successful converting introductions into closed home. Persistence, patience, organization, and following a process are other top pieces of advice that leaders attribute to their success.

However, that sounds so ordinary, right? If it’s that simple, why isn’t everyone performing at that level, if there’s no magic behind the method? There’s something eye opening about hearing from so many top closers that they don’t have a secret to their success. This means that by following a proven process, anyone can achieve great results with the right disciplines.

For Bob, Opcity provides that process.

My suggestion for success? Play within the guidelines of Opcity’s ranking system; set meetings, update your Referral Manager, claim a lot of leads, and of course, convert a lot of leads into closes. If you follow the process Opcity lays out you will have a stead lead flow. It works well, it works really well. We’re really thankful for the platform. It’s helped us establish a lot of relationships with our clients and it’s really a very useful part of our business.

Bob certainly excels within the Opcity system. His click to claim time is 13 seconds, and if you follow Opcity’s blog, you know speed to lead is one of our guiding mantras.

“I love the live handoff and that I can talk to people right away. I’ve got a few other lead sources I use, but it’s not the same as Opcity. Being able to talk to the person right away, and feel them out and gain their trust and listen to them and what they need, that’s the best part.”

And Bob would know; he accepts a lot of leads. He’s talked to more than 265 prospective home buyers and sellers so far. That is A LOT of people to remember and check in with.

“It’s easy to keep track of the leads I receive with the Opcity app on the phone. The platform makes it easy to organize them. And I’m constantly updating my Referral Manager so I know exactly where I am with each one of my clients. At the end of the day I’ll go through my client list again.

A large amount of them aren’t qualified just yet and are not ready to move forward. Sometimes people get back to us, but if they don’t, we move on to the next one. It’s just a numbers game at the end of the day.”

A lot of time people are brand new to the process and don’t know anything about it. They might have bad credit, not enough money, and you just point them in the right direction.

We’ve had clients where we’ve started out with them early, and months later they’ll come back to us prequalified and we’re able to find them a house.

They know that if we go out with them to home search, or talk with them about the process that they can trust us. We do everything we can to help them find a house that they want within their budget. It’s about helping them understand that you’re really active in advocating for them.

Bob tells us, “Don’t judge a book on its cover. I don’t think you can ever discount anyone as a potential client, even if they may not be in the perfect situation right this second. As long as they can secure a mortgage and are willing to go through the process than we’re willing to work with them.

Whether it’s a $60,000 house or $200,000 house, we try and work hard for everybody.

Every close is special. We find a lot of joy in finding people the right house, even if it’s a little bit of a struggle. Through the process, almost all of our clients have given us gift, which we thought at first was weird, but it’s really a nice thing. At closing they’ll bring us a small gift to thank us for the work we’ve put in. We’ve really had great clients. It’s been a good year for us.


Bob Bailey uses Opcity to Convert Online LeadsBob Bailey is a real estate agent at WEICHERT, REALTORS® in Tannersville, PA. He has been an agent since September 2017. From Bob, you can expect personal and knowledgeable service that is genuinely responsive to your needs and a"Neighborhood Specialist's" familiarity with local communities, home values, and price trends. Don't hesitate to reach out to Bob for your Pennsylvania real estate needs. 


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