Karla Stagman: September 2018 Top Opcity Agent by Total Transaction Volume

Posted by Caitlin Vaccaro on October, 11 2018

As a real estate agent, it’s always a huge win when you can find a buyer who also needs a listing agent. Through one Opcity introduction, Karla was able to close two transactions. Thanks to these two deals, out of the 40,000 agents who work with Opcity, Karla Stagman had the highest close volume by dollar amount in September 2018 from referrals met through Opcity.

Karla, you had the highest close volume in September out of all of the agents we work with; that’s fantastic! Can you tell us about the transactions that made it happen?  

“My last close was wonderful for me. They came in as a lead interested in buying a specific property. I met with them right away, and they ended up listing their home with me, as well as finding a home to buy, so that was nice to get two deals with the same client. They had been interviewing other agents, so I was very excited when they chose me.”

We’re so happy Opcity could facilitate that introduction for you! What helped you build rapport with them so they ultimately chose you over anyone else they were considering?

“They told me that they could see that I was driven, that I listened to what they wanted and I went out there and tried to find it. It’s a tough market in the area they live in—everybody loves this area—so I had to figure out how to go about this in a different way, not just an MLS listing. I actually drove down all the streets looking for new builds and trying to meet developers to see if they had anything coming up and if they were already working with an agent. I introduced them to a builder and they’re working on their new home. And they were very impressed with that because I did that right away.”

That’s great that you took a different route to see what you could make happen! Do you have any advice on how to win business for other real estate agents who might be struggling in this area?

“Finding the client’s motivation is key; then you know how to best help them. You need to have their best interest at heart, not to push them to sell or buy now. If it isn’t something they want to do right now, that’s okay, but at least you can give them the tools and resources that they do need now to move forward. And then nurture the lead, some honestly will say one thing but then become disengaged, and you realize they’re not ready, and that’s okay. Stay in touch with them until they are ready. I don’t take anything personally.”

You got your real estate license in 2015, and then joined Opcity about a year later in December 2016. How has Opcity helped you build your career?

The market is so saturated, that I was getting a lot of leads, but only a few that would convert. It’s a very competitive market, especially with online lead generation sites.

Having an active lead, like I get from Opcity, is always motivating; it gets you out there and keeps us as agents more engaged. If we’re doing our own lead generation, it’s a totally different mindset. However when we meet a client through Opcity, it’s very specific. We know what they want, we know exactly what they are looking for. It’s a very focused search.

And when clients are transferred to me, I like how the Opcity reps repeat all of the details so the client and myself are on the same page and everything is very clear.

The Referral Manager provided by Opcity is always improving; it’s getting more streamlined to be more user friendly so I can keep track of the conversations I have with clients.

Congratulations to Karla for having such a successful month and we’re looking forward to many more in the future!


Karla-Stagman-150x150pxKarla is an agent at Engel & Volkers in Southern California. She is passionate about helping people find their ideal homes. Please keep Karla in mind for any real estate needs you have in the Orange County area. 




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