How RE/MAX Direct Agent Jarred Parton Uses Opcity to Convert More Online Leads

Posted by Nicole Brooks on June, 5 2018

Jarred-PartonIn December 2016, RE/MAX Direct signed up with Opcity to be connected with motivated home buyers and sellers and increase their online lead conversion. Jarred Parton is the top agent at the brokerage and has continued to see success through the Opcity program.

Jarred has been in the real estate industry for all of his professional life, and has a holistic view of the industry and how it has changed over time. Of course, one of the biggest changes to the industry is the influx of online home inquiries.

Even though Parton understood the necessary steps to be successful with online lead conversiona fast response time, agent compatibility, and accountabilityhe still wasn’t earning his full potential from online leads and didn’t enjoy the sales process.

“Maybe it’s me personally, but I don’t love taking a cold lead, determining if the person is valid, and then screening them and getting the initial information,” said Parton.

Opcity purchases leads from all over the web, weeds out the window shoppers and fake numbers, and then live-connects motivated home buyers and sellers with agents in their area who are most likely to close that lead.

“Opcity does a great job screening leads, so when I get introduced to a home buyer on the phone, I can let the buyer steer the conversation and talk about what they’re interested in. These are valuable leads, they are warm leads being transferred to me that I’ve proven to close. There’s proof that they work. I treat that like it’s the most important part of my business.”

Before Opcity, Parton was never able to respond to online leads right away, even though he knew time to contact was critical for online lead conversion success. 35-50% of business goes to the first person to contact the lead, and if a lead is not contacted in 5 minutes or less, the probability of closing that lead drops by 400%.

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Opcity has 300 full-time ISAs based in Austin, Texas and our call center is open from 7am to 11pm 365 days a year. We call the majority of our leads in four seconds or less.

“With Opcity, I’m lightning quick. I know I have someone waiting on the other line, and a lot of the song and dance has already been done. That’s the big key for me having success with Opcity as opposed to other lead sources.”

However, he knows success is not guaranteed just because he’s provided a warm lead. It takes continued persistence and follow up to get the close.

Opcity sees all of its leads through from introduction through close via a light CRM platform that was developed with the agent in mind. It is a one-stop-shop for agents to manage their online leads and includes pipeline management, individual profiles for each home buyer or seller and the ability to record notes.

“I love Opcity’s CRM. It has become a staple in my day and can make any real estate agent successful if they use it actively and stay engaged with their leads.”

Through Opcity’s lead management tool, Jarred is able to see all of the leads he’s actively working and he engages with them every single day through calls, email, or text messages.

“People really like to hear from me on a daily basis. You’ve got to keep your leads hot, and stay on top of them, and let them know you’re there. This is not a very loyal industry and if they don’t hear from you after a few days, there’s 17,000 other agents in the county and they’ll jump.”

“I develop a relationship with my clients quickly, and that stems from the initial transfer from Opcity and then afterwards constantly letting them know, ‘I’m your guy, I’m here, I’m going to contact you on a regular basis, and hold your hand. There is no one else.’ I have to make sure they know there is no other option."

Opcity’s CRM provides automated reminders to agents to update their leads, and even though it’s rare that Jarred receives these reminders, when he does, he appreciates the accountability aspect of the platform.

“I’m a systems guy, and Opcity is a system. If you know how to work and trust the system, then this is a successful program. There are a lot of different directions you can head in real estate, and this is the most successful lead system that I’ve seen.”

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