RE/MAX Agent Jarred Parton Shares How to be Successful in Converting Online Leads

Posted by Nicole Brooks on March, 5 2018

Jarred Parton is a top-producing agent on the Opcity platform. We sat down with him to talk about his process and what tips he could provide to other agents on how to replicate his success.

Here are 5 key tips from Jarred:

  1. Contact your leads every day
  2. Have a lightning-quick time to contact
  3. Let your clients do the talking
  4. Hold their hand
  5. Don't assume loyalty


Contact Your Leads Every Day:

Opcity provides a light CRM that allows agents to track their leads. Jarred has made this part of his daily routine.

"It’s a part of my day, my schedule. This time is blocked out to touch every single lead in my referral manager (Opcity's CRM platform) and update them. People really like to hear from me on a daily basis. I love the Referral Manager and think any agent should be able to be successful with it. You’ve got to keep your leads hot and stay on top of them and let them know you’re there. This is not a very loyal industry, if you go a few days and they don’t hear from you, and there’s 17,000 other agents in the county, they’ll jump. " 


Have a lightning quick time to contact:

"You have to respond to an internet lead within seconds. For some reason I wasn’t able to do that with leads that came directly to me from another lead source. With Opcity I’m lightning quick. I know I have someone waiting on the other line where a lot of the song and dance has already been done and Opcity can say, “Here’s the ball now go run with it.” That’s the big key for me having success with this as opposed to other lead sources." 

Jarred contacts his Opcity leads in 20 seconds or less! 


Let Your Clients do the Talking:

"Don't talk yourself out of the sale. Opcity gets all of the information I need about a new client, so once I get that warm transfer and get the home buyer on the phone, I immediately shut up and let them tell me what they want. People don't always want to continue the conversation right away, so I let them set the tone and am available when they need me."


Hold the Client's Hand:

"What I like about the RM is that it’s a good reminder for people who just don’t know how important it is to stay on top of these people on a regular basis. Just due to the nature of the business, if you don’t stay on top of these people and let them know you’re there for them, and that you care about them and way to provide value, and you want to give them updates, and check-in, and hold their hand which is so necessary in this business. I feel like I have to make sure that they know there is no other option. "


Don't Assume Loyalty: 

"Occasionally, I still get people that say, “I went to see a property with this other agent and I’m going to put in an offer,” and it’s like, “Whoa, we talked two days ago.” It’s just due to people in general and there’s not a lot of loyalty in the business. My clients and my closes are very good clients and we develop a relationship quickly and that stems from the initial transfer and me constantly letting them know, “I’m your guy, I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, I’m going to call / text / email you on a regular basis. There is no one else.” For me, I have to prove that to them, but if you have any agent that doesn’t understand how important that is, they’ll probably learn this pretty quickly on their own because they’ll lose a lot of business. But the way the Referral Manager is setup, it’s a constant reminder, “hey two days have past you need to update this file.”


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