Growing the bottom line: How an NYC broker uses Opcity to build on his success

Posted by Opcity Marketing on May, 22 2019

Stephen Love is a Manhattan broker who has been in real estate for 17 years. He has built a successful business and has always been able to grow his clientele—but that doesn’t mean he isn’t always looking for great clients. Stephen started using Opcity as a way to get quality leads, and says the platform has been a great resource for his business.

"I think a major part of any successful real estate agent's career is cultivating their referral base and the people they have already done business with,” he told us. “Cold-calling is something that nobody likes to do. The lead-generation model Opcity fosters is a very good supplementary source of business for any experienced agent."

Opcity also provides tools to manage those leads efficiently—a key component, Stephen pointed out, given the rapid pace of today’s home buying process.

"I’ve been in the business long enough to see the impact of the internet. Recently, good companies like Opcity have emerged, and I think it has done a lot to streamline the process," Stephen said.

After nearly two decades in the industry, Stephen is well-versed in how things are done and enjoys mentoring up-and-coming agents in his area. When asked for some tips for success, he emphasized the importance of being prepared.

For example, he always has his database in front of him when he’s live-transferred to a new referral. That way, he said, “I can immediately demonstrate value to the client by speaking to the listing that is of interest to them."

And nothing is more important than getting that in-person meeting, he said. Stephen recently helped one of his Opcity referrals, Brian, purchase a co-op on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. They met two days after their introductory call and ventured out to 30+ showings until Brian found the perfect place. NYC co-ops can be lengthy and involved transactions, and Stephen was there to help Brian navigate the process. He negotiated on his client’s behalf until everything was finalized and Brian got exactly what he wanted.

It is absolutely essential for you to meet face-to-face, in person, in short order after you are introduced," Stephen said. “Otherwise your chances of transacting with them go down exponentially.”

With this advice in practice, Stephen continues to succeed with Opcity. "I’m working with a few more Opcity clients now, some in the $900-$1M range and another in the $3M range,” he said. “The leads I’m engaging with have a very good chance to close. I’m happy to continue with the program and see it add to my bottom line."

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