Coldwell Banker Maximizes Their Marketing Dollars with Broker Lead Accelerator

Posted by Nicole Brooks on August, 13 2018

Lisa-GeddieColdwell Banker Advantage is the number one Coldwell Banker in North Carolina, and the number four Coldwell Banker in the nation. Their office runs on innovative technology and old-fashioned customer service. Leading that charge is General Manager Lisa Geddie.

Lisa is a second generation realtor and has a passion for finding opportunities to help others. She says:

“I receive the most joy helping both experienced and newer associates reach and exceed their goals. Whether that’s working with them one-on-one or helping them identify programs or systems to help them grow their business. It’s my job to make life easier for those around me so that we can all be of better service to our clients.”

Lisa’s passion and dedication to her agents is what compelled her to sign Coldwell Banker Advantage up for Opcity’s Broker Lead Accelerator program.

Coldwell Banker Advantage spends a significant amount of money purchasing leads from and other online portals. However, Geddie and fellow managing partner Alan Tucker noticed agent follow up to these leads didn’t happen as often as they hoped.

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Their agents didn’t have the time or capacity to follow up with leads more than once or twice before moving on to more time-sensitive buyers and sellers. And the worst part was Geddie didn’t have a way to track agent follow ups, deals closed, or overall ROI from the leads they purchased.

“Before Broker Lead Accelerator there was no physical way we could monitor our Zillow leads. The volume was just too high,” said Geddie.

Broker Lead Accelerator uses Opcity’s proven conversion process to screen and connect online inquiries that brokers purchase or generate. Opcity fields inbound phone calls, responds to online inquiries, and weeds out the non-serious buyers and sellers to only connect agents with interested referrals.

“With Opcity scrubbing the leads, our agents receive a higher quality of leads. The agents really like the platform,” said Geddie. “Not only that, but it takes ourselves out of the lead distribution process. We work with these agents every day, and we may have a bias on how a certain agent will perform with a given lead and may make an emotional decision. With Opcity, we are removed from the selection process and can rely on the data to make the best decision.”

Purchased leads are not exclusive to one broker or agent, so Opcity responds to online inquiries within 4 seconds to beat the competition and win the business. And Opcity agents follow up with leads up to 26 times via calls and text before moving on.

“The follow through and follow up has been a game changer for our agents. Thanks to Opcity we don’t have to have a paid inside sales consultant. It’s like having an employee we’re not paying for. It’s a win win.”

Opcity not only handles the screening, follow up, and introduction process, but actually sees a lead all the way through until the close. Opcity’s pipeline team provides coaching and reminders to agents to take the full accountability burden off the brokerage, and provides an easy to use reporting tool that gives valuable insights into how the brokerage is performing in real time.

Geddie looks at the broker dashboard provided by Opcity every day and really counts on the analytics that Opcity delivers.

“We can see what leads are agents are working and how attentive they are being. It makes the tracking process a lot more manageable. We really count on Opcity’s analytics to run our brokerage. Our brokers can now call their agents to remind them to follow up with leads and update their CRM.”

Geddie and Tucker would meet every Tuesday evening over dinner to share different strategies and best practices for contacting and interacting with online leads from Opcity.

Some leads are not a good fit for the agent, or even the brokerage as a whole. Broker Lead Accelerator allows agents to release leads they are not interested in working, and the Opcity team reengages that lead and sends it out to their network to find another agent to close the deal. The best part, the brokerage still receives a commission on the close. It’s a great way to maximize marketing dollars to ensure nothing is going to waste.

“The ability for our agents to release a lead out into the Opcity network allows us to get the most value out of the leads we purchased. Not only that, we’ve very pleased with the Opcity team. They have been phenomenal to work with.”

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