Broker Lead Accelerator Saves Ownerland Time

Posted by Nicole Brooks on June, 14 2018

Yiming-ZhangOwnerland Realty believes agents come first; they are committed to helping agents build their real estate business and staying current on the latest technology to stay ready for each generation to come.

This generation is starting their home buyer and seller search online. Finding a scalable way to manage online inquiries in a market is a hurdle that brokers all over the country are facing. Yiming Zhang, Principal Broker / President of Ownerland Realty, Inc., knew that to keep his brokerage current, he had to find a solution. That’s when he turned to Broker Lead Accelerator through Opcity.

Ownerland buys leads from and similar online portals. Before using Opcity, Yiming was manually distributing the purchased online leads to agents. He was also manually following up with those agents to see how they were following up with online leads. They had trouble with follow up and on on-time support with leads before using Opcity.

An Ownerland agent actually referred Yiming to Opcity. As Ownerland is a systems-run brokerage, he was interested in Opcity’s proven process for screening and connecting online leads to his agents in real time.

“We see a huge difference in the leads that are screened by Opcity compared to the leads we were getting directly before. Opcity’s 24/7 availability to answer the lead inquiries as they comes in makes a big difference,” said Yiming. “They save our agents time in screening and following up with online leads.”

Maximizing agents’ efficiency and improving their effectiveness is at the heart of Ownerland’s operations. Helping agents work through their system and stay organized is what sets them apart as a brokerage, and to do that they need the latest and greatest in agent-facing technology.

“The technology provided by Opcity for the brokers and agents to use has really good on-site support. I’ve even altered my lead spend based on the data that I’ve seen in the lead source tab. It was really eye opening. The revenue we’re receiving from Opcity is growing each month. I’m looking forward to see how we continue to succeed with Opcity.”


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