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Life Lessons with Hayley Wilson: How to win clients over when they're scrolling through at a red light

Posted by Caitlin Vaccaro on December, 18 2018

In the last year, Hayley Wilson closed more than $3M in sales through Opcity introductions. Her two most recent closes were for a total of $2.3M which made her the top Opcity closer by transaction volume in November 2019.  

Hayley shares how she became a top closer, and how you can figure out what your currency is with each client

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Online Leads are a Numbers Game: How Bob Bailey Closed 14 Deals in 11 Months Using Opcity

Posted by Caitlin Vaccaro on November, 19 2018

Bob Bailey has been using Opcity since September 2017. Since then, he has closed 14 deals from Opcity introductions, and has four more currently under contract.

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Agent Spotlight: Emerging Agent Mohammed Alhamawi Proves that Hard Work Pays Off

Posted by Caitlin Vaccaro on November, 18 2018

We are pleased to share that Mohammed Alhamawi is our featured Emerging Agent for the month of October 2018.

At Opcity, “emerging” doesn’t mean inexperienced, or new to the industry, it just means these agents do not meet our minimum transaction requirements at sign up.

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How Smartphones Have Changed the Effectiveness of Yard Signs: An Interview with Realtor Joseph Wilhelm

Posted by Caitlin Vaccaro on November, 16 2018

Joseph Wilhelm started in real estate nine years ago, and the industry has changed a lot since then. He’s noticed the biggest change is how buyers find out about a new property.  Previously, Joseph would get direct calls from clients based on signs he had posted at properties he listed. Now, that has diminished and he hardly gets any calls. Almost everything comes in online.

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How Kim Bennett Closed 5 Home Transactions in September 2018

Posted by Caitlin Vaccaro on October, 11 2018

Kim Bennett is not your average real estate agent...after getting her license just over a year ago, Kim has already closed more than 40 deals in her first year as an agent, and it's only October! 

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