Mastering the art of Follow-Up like RE/MAX's Ryan O'Neil

Posted by Opcity Marketing on April, 19 2018

During Gary Keller's vision speech at Keller Williams Family Reunion 2017 stated that the real estate has a -32% Return on Investment (ROI)* for online advertising, including purchasing online leads. The funny thing is, agents are purchasing more and more leads, even though they are continually not converting them to sales.

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Attracting Top Producing Talent: An Interview with Nick Bristow

Posted by Opcity Marketing on April, 10 2018

The key to any brokerage’s success is attracting and retaining top-producing talent. With over 86,000 brokerages in the United States, this is much easier said than done. When an agent decides to make a move, how do you ensure that your brokerage is in the running?

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Opcity Beats 63 Austin Startups to Win Tech Madness 2018!

Posted by Opcity Marketing on April, 8 2018

In March, we entered Austin Inno’s annual Tech Madness competition. Similar to a March Madness basketball bracket, Austin Inno pit 64 Austin startups against each other in head-to-head matchups, and asked their readers to answer one simple question: Who would you invest in?

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How to Turn a Phone Call into a Face-to-Face Meeting

Posted by Opcity Marketing on April, 5 2018

Your moment has arrived: the opportunity to prove your worth as a real estate agent. You have a homebuyer on the phone. You know they want to buy a home and you now have their attention. So, what now? Where do you go from here?

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