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See why Opcity has a +20 NPS score (P.S. that's higher than Facebook, Google, Netflix and Corona combined)

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Jarred Parton, RE/MAX Direct

“I’m a systems guy, and Opcity is a system. If you know how to work and trust the system, then this is a successful program. There are a lot of different directions you can head in real estate, and this is the most successful lead system that I’ve seen.”

Coldwell Banker Advantage sees Success with Broker Lead Accelerator

“Before Broker Lead Accelerator there was no physical way we could monitor our Zillow leads. The volume was just too high.”

John McGrath, LeaderOne Financial

“Opcity works for us and we’re going to keep stacking up our leads. I personally think it’s a really good system.”

Yiming Zhang, Ownerland Realty

"They save our agents time in screening and following up with online leads."

Arthur Cervantes, Schultz Elite Financial Services

“I have very high expectations for the partners I work with. I need vendors to be up to my standards to make sure my clients have the best experience. I am IN LOVE with my lender partner Opcity has introduced me to. She is a true partner to me. I have already shared her name with some of my close friends in the real estate biz.”

Sarah Wise, ERA Colonial Real Estate

"I love the Opcity phone app. Opcity is easy to work with and always trying to improve, I would recommend them to another brokerage. Our agents have said the leads they receive are of a high quality."

Homespire Mortgage

"My favorite part about the Opcity platform is connecting with realtors. I’d absolutely recommend Opcity to another mortgage provider. Our experience with Opcity has been a success."

Mark Wittstadt, Esq. LTX Companies

"Opcity connects us with realtor and lender partners we would not have otherwise been able to connect with. I would (and have) recommend Opcity to my realtor and lender partners, but for selfish reasons would not recommend them to my competitors. Opcity has helped take my business to the next level and as a result we are expanding."

Kerri Mulvey, CENTURY 21 New Millennium

"Everything about Opcity has been a positive experience for CENTURY 21 New Millennium. The speed to contact is paramount to converting leads, and Opcity contacts leads in seconds. Additionally, the live hand off to an agent has been a game changer. I would recommend Opcity to any brokerage as they take on the risk of lead generation with no upfront fees."

Arlene Parisi, Coldwell Banker

"The broker dashboard provided easily allows me to oversee our brokerage’s activity. There are genuine opportunities with Opcity for lead generation that can be distributed to agents. Agents say they receive a good amount of leads and are converting them to closes. Opcity is an easy system to add agents and track productivity."

Karla, EXIT Strategy Realty

"I love the Opcity referrals—of course—and that the platform enforces follow up. As a new broker trying to train and motivate, I’m glad I have Opcity in my corner. Thank you!"

Anastasia King, EXP Realty

"Opcity is definitely one of my favorite lead gen systems!"

Timothy Gulla, Equity Mid-Atlantic Real Estate

"My favorite part about the Opcity platform is closing additional transactions. Finding niches which marginally increase the bottom line is key to running a business and Opcity does just that, I would absolutely recommend Opcity to another brokerage. Agents like the tracking, lead flow, and that they only pay when closed."

Ken Baris, Jordan Baris, Inc.

"Opcity is practical, easy to use and drives leads where you request them. I would recommend Opcity to any broker other than our competitors! Our team members have said that "turning on the leads in Opcity was as easy as turning on the water at a sink". The way the algorithm works to reward those who follow up best is genius. There is nothing as uncommon as common sense, and this is a sensational common sense productivity tool. We love it."

Cindy Armour-Helm Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Capital Area

"I would absolutely recommend Opcity to another brokerage. They bring great buyers and sellers together with our brokerage. Agents love that they are introduced to clients with the crucial questions answered. Opcity is looking to build a team with your brokerage."

Susan Bailey, Sotheby’s International Realty

"We love the simple lead flow that Opcity provides to agents. Opcity is simple to use and results in a quick conversion of leads. Our agents have very positive things to say about them as well. I would definitely consider our experience with Opcity a success."

John Kruk, RE/MAX Town & Valley

"My favorite part about Opcity is the fact that there is a real live client on the phone that is eager to speak with one of my Realtors. I would recommend Opcity to another brokerage, and have done just that. My agents love the fact that it isn't a "blind" lead, where they would end up calling and finding out the info in the lead isn't real. With Opcity, we know that we are getting a real client who wants to work with us. Opcity has become a buzzword in the office."

Steve Humphries, EXIT Realty

"I would give Opcity a 10 on a scale of 1-10 of whether or not I would recommend them. As a broker, Opcity has provided me, and of course my agents, with extra closings that we would not have had otherwise. Opcity saves agents a lot of time, effort, and money paying for and trying to convert internet leads from other sources. In terms of ROI, time, customer acquisition and marketing costs, it is all good. More sales activity almost always leads to more sales."

Sharon Murbarger, Coldwell Banker Paradise

"Opcity provides us with excellent leads and has great follow up. I would absolutely recommend them to another brokerage. Their communication is excellent. We've definitely seen success with their platform."

Dennis Steed, RE/MAX Crossroad Properties

"Our experience with Opcity has been a success. We are getting great results from the Opcity platform and our agents have given positive feedback about the experience. While online leads can still be a challenge, Opcity is doing a good job for us and we are closing sales within a few months of our relationship. Thank you Opcity!"

Edric Williams, RE/MAX Edge Fayetteville

"Opcity consistently provides our brokerage with warm online leads. The best part is that it doesn’t cost anything and it’s a great way to get more deals in the pipeline. Our agents are happy with the additional sales opportunities. The platform is super clean and easy to use. The Opcity staff are friendly and provide good information to help us convert the leads that come in. The system forces accountability which ultimately increases closings. We’re happy to be a part of the Opcity team."

Raymond Ciampaglia, Better Homes and Gardens

"Opcity creates a competitive atmosphere and becomes almost like a game on your phone. The first and quickest to respond gets the lead. Realtors are very competitive. These are leads the agents would not have had otherwise so they are pleased to receive ‘extra leads'. The technology is fast and reliable. Most importantly, it’s fun to use. I believe we will continue working with Opcity for many years to come. "

Allie Thomas, Wilkinson ERA

"My favorite parts about Opcity are the technology and the ease of matching leads with agents. I would recommend Opcity to another brokerage; it allows you to be more efficient in the online lead game. Our agents love it. I love the new updates to the tech platform. Thank you!"

Christy Chitwood, Exit Realty

"I like the required follow up because it keeps the business front of mind with my team. Opcity is a very good tool to provide leads to agents without the upfront expense. The network partners (lenders, attorneys) we have been introduced to through OPcity have provided additional value as well. I look forward to continued business with Opcity and seeing more success."

Daniel Quesada, Mitchell Realty LLC

"Opcity is easy to use and provides quality lead generation. The support I receive from Opcity is superb and their CRM is easy to use. In one case, I drove to Bandera, TX to meet a cash buyer and wrote up a $300k deal that day! I have found a new partner!"

Wally Gilmour, The Agency LLC

"I’ve had three closings I otherwise wouldn’t have had without the Opcity program. I like that Opcity requires updates in their CRM; it causes me to pay attention to my account."

Laura Boles, National Realty of Brevard

"I love the self prompts that the Opcity platform provides and it’s very thorough. Opcity is perfect to keep agents busy with leads. Our agents all enjoy the structure. I would consider our experience a success. I really like the platform it’s absolute perfection. This is going to better my business and make me be able to meet my lifetime goals. Thank you!"

Joy D'Ambrosio, Chantel Ray Real Estate

"Opcity is extremely professional. They collect the info needed so I can focus on the details of the buyer / seller process instead of asking for clients' personal information. The support I receive has been fantastic. I’m looking forward to a long working relationship with Opcity."

Donna Flemming, Keller Williams Coastal Bend

"Opcity provides me with great clients to work with. Their CRM has provided great tips on how to get more leads sent to me. My first opportunity to close a home with an Opcity client was wonderful because the young couple became close to us like they were our own kids. Opcity is very easy to use and they help you when you need it."

Mary Licata, Turpin Real Estate

"I love how quickly I am connected to the customer with Opcity. As an agent I am not paying upfront for leads and only pay the referral fee when the transaction closes. Whenever I have a question I can always talk to support. The leads I have been able to connect with have all been great to work with and I know will refer me to friends and family and help me build my business."

Kristi Shawley, HomeSmart Nexus Realty Group

"I would absolutely recommend Opcity to another agent, the leads coming over are great. I had a first time home buyer that came over pre-approved. I took her out and showed her just one home, she submitted an offer, and we recently closed. Opcity has been incredibly easy to use. I love the warm leads that come over that you are connecting with live. The buyer and seller leads are great because they are ready willing and able to speak with an agent, lender, and move forward quickly with the purchase or sale of a home."

Mary Croglio, Hunt Real Estate

"The Opcity app is very easy for agents to update. I would recommend Opcity to another brokerage because you don't pay an annual feel unless you close a transaction. Our agents say that it's easy to work directly within the Opcity portal. Opcity is a very user-friendly platform."

Terry Miller, Miller Homes Group

"Opcity gives my top producing agents the opportunity to grow their business efficiently and effectively. They are innovative and improving their product every day. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our relationship."

Christy Woiwode, Coldwell Banker Platinum Partners

"Opcity makes it very easy for our agents to accept leads. I would definitely recommend them to another brokerage, they are very easy to work with. The viable leads they send are good and the agents enjoy working with the customers. The technology is easy for both the relocation department and the agent."

Ryan O’neil, RE/MAX Advantage Plus

"Opcity has provided our team a wonderful opportunity to connect with more home buyers and sellers in our local market. And their staff is fantastic as well. They truly care about their referral partners and are continually doing their best to help our team convert as many leads as possible. Thank you, Opcity!"

Courtney Fore, Coldwell Banker Souther Homes

"The sheer amount of leads that come in on a daily basis is the best part about Opcity. Opcity creates another opportunity for our brokerage to contact buyers and sellers who are looking in our area. Our agents say that Opcity is very easy to work with. The website is user friendly and the agents don’t have any trouble using the CRM."

Ed Whitman, Keller Williams Cornerstone Realty

"Opcity really helps keep you organized with follow up. I would definitely recommend Opcity to other agents. Their support team is really good and provides great answers to all of my questions and are very patient and encouraging. I sold the first buyer I saw! Opcity is easy to use and I would consider my experience a success."

Suzette Beauchemin, NextHome Premier Neighborhood Realty

"Opcity is the best thing that has happened to our real estate office! We look forward to each day--hitting the button and winning the leads. The tracking system is so easy and it doesn't allow for "slacking" and since I'm a 24/7 high-energy agent I LOVE IT! The support is also the best. I can call with any concern and they will assist me in handling it. Thank you Opcity!!!! We ALL love it, it's really been beneficial to both business and morale. I would absolutely recommend Opcity, but only if they’re at least 25 miles away from me ;) "

James Campanella, CrossCountry Mortgage

Opcity provides the opportunity not only to have a transaction, but the opportunity to build a relationship. There are many high quality agents participating in Opcity. The system is easy to use and monitor. The ability to choose when to take a lead is a real strength. I would consider our experience with Opcity a success.

William Rapp, Network Funding

Opcity brings buyers, realtors, and lenders together. They generate a higher conversion rate than any other leads we currently track.

Bill Earley, Supreme Lending

Opcity provides a broad networking opportunity. I get to talk with and approve the buyer prior to the buyer talking to the agent. Then I get to work with many different agents who become partners. Most of the agents are responsive and energized. Most homebuyers are just starting to look and require credit help and have to build down payment and closing cost reserves. The technology is easy to use and monitor clients.

Jason Lewis, Supreme Lending

My favorite part about Opcity is the quality of the leads. I would absolutely recommend Opcity to another mortgage provider. The agents are excited to talk to you and eager to help the clients. It seems to be a seamless process. When it comes to internet leads, I haven’t dealt with anything that comes up with the quality of leads that Opcity does. I’m surprised something didn’t come up with this sooner. Our experience has definitely been a success.

Jeff Pickering, Supreme Lending

I love the fact that I receive "warm" leads from Opcity. I would recommend them to another mortgage provider; not only do you get leads, but you also meet and connect with new realtors. Most agents we have connected with have been ideal. The clients are receptive and open to suggestions, making them easier to work with. Thank you Opcity! I am happy with the service. The program has been ideal in improving my business.

Anthony Penna, Lawyers Title of Arizona

The successes are coming in from our partnership with Opcity. We've had great face-to-face meetings and have agents who have already committed to us. There is one agent we've been trying to work with for 6 months, but his wife screens his calls. Thanks to the partnership with Opcity we are now doing business with him.

Jay Garrett, Supreme Lending

The Opcity agents take over the time consuming part of the lead gathering process by making the intial calls so that I can focus on speaking to a buyer who is interested in more information on the loan process. I would recommend Opcity to another mortgage office. The agents I have met through Opcity have been the type of agents I like to meet, as they are trying to build their business and are willing to work hard and serve the buyers. Most of the home buyer connections have been with first time home buyers. The transfer of the buyer is usually a seamless and pleasant experience for all.

Bryan Mossorofo, President at Colonial First Mortgage

The entire Opcity platform is fantastic and seamless. It’s very easy to use and well organized. It’s all about follow up. The live transfers are my favorite part about Opcity. It’s a great way to meet new clients and realtor professionals. The agent quality seems to be good. I have met some really strong professionals. It takes quite a few contacts and prequals but the quality of homebuyer leads are good and people are usually ready to buy just need good follow up. Our experience with Opcity has been a success.